AYSO Region 644 Lightning Detection System and Policy

ToFlorida is the lightning capital of the world and as such we need to be ultra diligent for the safety our ourselves and our children. Each park in Weston is equipped with a lightning detection system. If at any time you hear the horn from the lightning detection system go off, immediately go to your cars. The pavilions are NOT safe and will not protect you from lightning. All practices will be suspended. The fields will not be safe to return to until you hear three horn blasts which signify the all clear. There will be a flashing light in the back of soccer field 3 at the Weston Regional Park which will be operational when the lightning warning is on. You will receive notification from our sportslogic system announcing field closures.

Here is our AYSO Region 644 policy regarding practices and games.

For practices, if the lightning detection system goes off during your practice, your practice will cease and everyone should go home. The detection system takes 30 minutes to reset so the all clear will take at least 30 minutes to give the all clear. You might as well cancel the rest of practice.

For games, we will suspend any game that is currently underway. Those games may or may not be made up depending on whether the game had reached halftime yet. If the game has reached halftime then it will be considered a complete game and no make up will be held. If not, then we will reschedule the game in its entirety. For games starting after the lightning detector has gone off, we will make a determination if we are going to suspend the rest of the Saturdays games.
We will try our best to make up all games. We will NOT have you hanging around all day wondering if we are going to reopen the fields or not. Once they are closed, they will be closed for the remainder of the Saturday so that you can go on with the rest of your day without worrying about missing a game.


To stay up to date on field status, downlaod the rainout app at 



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