The World Cup comes to Weston's AYSO 644!

The World Cup comes to Weston

Here is the way our World Cup works.  At the end of the 10 week season, ALL age groups and genders will have an opportunity to play additional games. These games will be during the week and the finals will be on a Saturday.  We are hopeful that we can have our finals at Lockhart Stadium.  

Our traditional names for teams were team 1, team 2, etc.  This season, the teams are named after countries who participated in the most recent World Cup.  Names were randomly and alphabetically assigned to all teams. 

The teams get to participate in World Cup by volunteering.  WE DO NOT KEEP WIN/LOSS records here.  Winning games does NOT advance your team into World Cup.  Volunteering and ONLY volunteering gets you into this exciting event.

This a volunteer only organization and we need your help.  We want parents, older children, friends, neighbors, to help give back and help us run this program.  Our most needed volunteer positions are referees, but can use help with other things.  

If you referee as a center, your team gets 3 volunteer points.  If you assistant referee, your team gets 2 volunteer points.  These must be games that do not involve YOUR team and you must be a certified ref.  We offer many referee courses so you can be a ref!

For those of you who shudder to put on a yellow shirt, there will be administrative help we can always use in the building on a game day and you will get 1 point/hour of help.

For any full field team (i.e. you play 11 v. 11), your team needs to earn 42 volunteer points to get into World Cup.  We will pro-rate that 42 number downward for teams which have fewer players and will announce how many volunteer points each age group needs.  

Help us run this program for YOUR kids and we pay you back with more games and more events for YOUR kids.

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