These FAQ’s are of a more specific nature relating to age based division U8. For more general questions which will cut across all age-based divisions please see the FAQ tab for “general”.


The U8 division is a learning division and is designed to introduce young players to the game of soccer. Teams practice twice per week for a 1 hour session and games are played on Saturdays. The children will play short-sided games (7 on a side) on smaller fields. Short-sided games help ensure that children have fun and at the same time, maximize their learning opportunities.


What does the designation U8 mean?

In soccer, universally agreed upon age based breakdowns are promulgated on the date July 31st. The designation “U8” stands for Under 8 years of age. Any player who does not attain the age of 8 years by the most recent previous July 31 is eligible for this age division.


I want to coach/assistant coach my child’s team, what do I need to do?

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. Each and every task that is done, from coaching, refereeing, scheduling games, organizing divisions, training clinics, etc. is done by volunteers. We cannot make AYSO function without your help. We need you to volunteer.

Short-sided soccer is a way to ease adults into coaching as well as to ease children into playing. AYSO will provide you with the training & resources necessary for you to do the job. You supply the smile and encouraging words.

The time commitment involved is two one hour practice sessions per week and a one hour game on Saturdays. In addition, you will need to participate in an online U8 Coaching Certification Course before the season starts and schedule a team meeting. Most other team related tasks can be delegated to your team parent. We will do our best to assign an assistant coach to each team.

The following steps must be adhered to in order to be a U8 coach/assistant coach

1)      Contact the U8 division director listed on our website www.ayso644.org and secure a preliminary spot to coach (you cannot be an official coach until all of the following items are completed).

2)      Go to www.eayso.org and register as a volunteer. After completing the form online you will need to print out the form and sign where indicated. Then submit the volunteer application form, in person, to your division director at the divisional meeting.

3)      We will email the accepted coaches names and their ayso identification numbers.

4)      With these ayso identification numbers you will be able to access two online courses from our website www.ayso644.org under the courses tab. These courses are the U8 coaches course and safe haven course. You will need to take both courses online and upon completion you will be able to print out a certificate signifying completion of the course. The system will automatically update and you will have all prerequisites to coach.

5)      There will be a U8 in person coach clinic which will be held prior to the season and will consist of 2-3 hours of on field training to help you develop practice sessions with specific age based activities to help the players develop.


What are rules specific to the U8 age based division?

Although played on a shortened field and with a shortened amount of players on the field, most soccer laws are followed. There are corner kicks and throw-ins. There is no offside’s however “cherry picking” will not be allowed. There are no direct kicks so therefore there are no penalty kicks as well.


Are there goalies in the u8 age based division?

There are no goalies in the U8 divisions. 


Are there yellow and red cards in the U8 age based division?

We do not show yellow cards or red cards for infractions. If a young player appears to be out of control the coach shall remove the player from the field of play until such player is able to continue play appropriately.


What is the proper timing of games in the U8 age based division?

Each game will consist of 4 quarters with 10 minutes per quarter, running time. There is no overtime or extended time. There will be a 5 minute halftime and one minute water break between quarters. All games must be completed by 50 minutes after the scheduled start of the game.


What is the playing time allocated to players in the U8 age based division?

Each player is guaranteed to play at least one half of every game. No player can play a full game without everyone playing at least three quarters of the game. Some players will be able to play three quarters while others will play two quarters (based on the number of players who show up to the game). If this is the case then the following week, those who played three quarters must play two and those who played two the week before must play three quarters in the current week. No reduction in playing time should be tolerated for missing practices. See goalkeeper rules above for further restrictions.


What are the game times and practice times for the U8 age based division?

Practices are twice per week for one hour per session. They will be scheduled on the same day, time and field location at the Weston Regional Park soccer fields each week. Your child’s practice may be scheduled on any day of the week at the coach’s discretion. The coach picks their practice day and time at the coaches meeting at the beginning of the season. Practice times will begin either at 6pm. All games are on Saturdays at the Weston Regional Park soccer fields. Game times will vary and may begin anytime from 9am until 6pm.


Who are the referees in the U8 age based division?

Referees will be assigned to your games by the referee assignor. The referees may be youth referees who are just starting out as referees. Just like the kids on the fields, the referees will be learning as well. No coaches will be allowed on the field unless referees are not assigned to the game. If this is the case then one coach from each team will referee the game.


Are lineup cards needed in the U8 age based division?

Yes. Each coach should properly fill out their line up cards prior to each game.

We will instruct how to properly fill out such cards at the coaches meeting. These cards will provide evidence of playing time for each player for the game. Game Line up cards will need to be brought to the soccer building by field 2 after every game.


What size ball does the U8 age based division use?

The U8 division uses a size 3 soccer ball.


What equipment must be worn to practices and games in the U8 age based division?

As part of the registration fee, each player will be given a jersey, short and socks. All players must have shin guards. Each player should bring a size 3 soccer ball to practices. Soccer cleats are recommended however tennis shoes are allowed. A water bottle is also a must due to the hot weather.


What are the important dates for the U8 age based division?

Announcements will be made during the season via our SportsLogic blasts of upcoming events. You will also see such events on your team calendar as well as listed on our website at www.ayso644.org. Dates to be aware of are the first date of games, non-scheduled Saturdays due to holidays, last day of games, picture day, special event days such as AYSO fun days and Community Outreach days.


Here are some important Parent Guidelines to follow:

·         Please show up at the field at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

·         Resist the urge to run onto the field if your child gets knocked down or hurt. Let the coach deal with the issue. You will be called upon if needed.

·         If a player is misbehaving (temper tantrum, aggressive behavior, etc.) they may be asked to leave for a cooling off period. Please support the coach in that decision.

·         Only 1 coach per field. Players get confused when they hear more than one person "coaching" from the sidelines. If you can’t help yourself, perhaps you should consider becoming a coach!

·         No parents on the playing field. If you are not the coach or assistant coach then sit back, relax, and enjoy. Let them run the show.

·         Heading the ball is not recommended or encouraged for this age group.

·         Slide talking is not recommended this level.

·         Dogs are not allowed on the playing fields.

·         Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on or near the playing fields at either practices or games.

·         Please help pick up trash (especially yours) after each game.



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